La Purisima Bakery Tortillas

21 Oct

The tortilla…an essential part of the taco.

I tend to associate tacos with corn-flour tortillas and quesadillas and burritos more with flour tortillas. And this leads me to a shameful secret: I love flour tortillas like nobody’s business. They’re delicious.

This is a taco blog, but interrupt the usual order of business to let you know about some delicious flour tortillas.

My mom’s birthday recently passed and I was out on a mission to find a tres leches cake. The mission would have been much easier if my mom were content with a Hispanic supermarket cake, but no, she wanted one from a bakery.

I interned with Glendale 11 earlier in the year and had made the drive down Glendale Ave and passed through Historic Downtown Glendale several times during my drive to and from the studios.

The first time I drove down Glendale, the big baby blue building of La Purisima Bakery caught my eye(mostly because I always got caught by the red light). I’d stopped once to get a pastry, and I remembered that they had a cake section as well.

The tortilla machine hadn’t been on that time, so I didn’t know what kind of tortillas were for sale at that time.

I jumped in my car to drive to the bakery to order my mother’s birthday cake on a Friday afternoon.

While putting in my order, I saw several asking for tortillas. Slowly, more people came in to the shop and took bunches of tortillas home. I don’t mean they took a pack home, no, they were carrying 4-6 packs each of tortillas.

Only a couple of tortillas left in the bag

The flour tortilla smell wafted through the air, and I couldn’t resist ordering some as well. I ordered two packs, and I could feel the warmth through the plastic grocery bag.

Outside of the bakery was a man selling cheese, but I declined and made my way to the car. Apparently, this man must have known that it was tortilla time.

I couldn’t resist the smell, so as soon as I buckled up in my car I took out a tortilla. It was amazing.

The tortilla is out of the bag

It might have been the boredom of eating whole wheat tortillas for a few years(my mom insisted we switch), but they have an amazing taste.

They seem to still have a powdery substance around them, but it’s probably flour residue. They’re pretty thick(perfect for a heavy loaded burrito) and have a sweetness to them. They also practically melt in your mouth.

The tortillas are all pretty thick

The next day I went to pick up the cake and more tortillas. People were still buying them, and it seems like their batch was practically done. They only had a few more packs sitting on the cart. I ordered 5 packs(because two weren’t enough), and I was a little disappointed that they weren’t warm.

It also reminded me of when I was younger. My family hails about 30 minutes Guadalajara.  When we visited them in Mexico, I loved going to the tortilla mill and getting them for lunch. Sometimes the ladies working there would be nice and give me a tortilla with some rock salt grains and wrap it up(probably not the most healthy thing to have) and I would eat it on the way back to my grandmother’s house. My grandmother’s house was down the street, so it’d be a perfect “for the ride home” treat. Now, people buy tortillas at the store or have them delivered them to their house. It makes me a little sad that the new crop of six-year-olds won’t get those memories.

About 10-12 tortillas come in each pack. When I ordered my 5 packs the total came out to about $11 dollars with tax, so they have a similar price to supermarket tortillas.

However, they taste just as delicious heated up in the microwave.

La Purisima has two locations: one in Glendale and one in Central Phoenix.



2318 East Indian School Road,

Phoenix, AZ



One Response to “La Purisima Bakery Tortillas”

  1. April 29, 2013 at 12:51 am #

    That’s pretty interesting. I don’t understand why national chains like taco bell dont add a simple and cheap ingredient to make their tacos more authentic…the ingredient being cilantro!

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