Taco shells or soft tortillas? Pork or beef?

We’ve been given ideas of what a taco should look like thanks to mainstream culture. The first image many may think of is of a hard taco shell filled with ground beef and topped off with lettuce.

A chihuahua’s presence is optional.

According to Merriam Webster a taco is defined as:

A usually fried tortilla that is folded or rolled and stuffed with a mixture (as of seasoned meat, cheese, and lettuce.

To keep things consistent we’ll order a carne asada taco at every place.

Salsas and condiments will not be added to the ratings.

Filling– Is the filling of the taco dry? Is it too greasy? Did the taco come with enough filling, or too much?

Tortilla- Did the tortilla enhance or take away from the overall taste? Was it burnt, undercooked, or just right?

Presentation– Did the presentation make the taco more appetizing? Was it falling apart when received?

Tacos reviewed on the PHX Taco Blog will be given a Bella the Chihuahua.

What’s a Bella the Chihuahua? Why will Bella the Chihuahua represent ratings?

Bella is my chihuahua and thanks to American culture, I now associate chihuahuas with tacos.

She’s also fond of stealing my food and if a taco is good, she’ll steal it.

A rating of one  Bella meets basic expectations. It’s not too appetizing or visually appealing, the filling or the outside is a little off.

two Bellas rating meets two out of the four categories. It’s not an ideal taco, yet.

Three Bellas hits the four categories. It’s an appropriate mixture on the inside, the tortilla is nice and warm, not burnt or undercooked, the presentation makes it even more appealing.

Prices will not influence ratings but the information will be given.

Price– $= .00-2.00;    $$=2.01-4.00;  $$$= 4.01+

So join me as I (possibly gain some weight) explore the streets of AZ in search of the perfect taco.


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