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La Frontera taco review

16 Feb

Street food. The mere thought usually does not evoke the best reactions. Perhaps there’s been a bad experience, or a friend of a friend that became sick after eating street food.

I’d seen La Frontera taco truck while driving down Phoenix’s 16th street. I remembered the interesting atmosphere that seemed to surround the establishment, so I made up my mind to pay a visit.

My roommate heard of my plans and quickly launched warnings my way. “Don’t get sick from street food!” “Don’t eat if it’s not clean!”

However, Phoenix has health codes to combat those types of things.

Confident that getting sick off any type of food is somewhat powered by the mind, I made the drive to La Frontera(the taco truck, not the actual border).

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Caramba! taco review

10 Feb

If you head straight down Glendale Avenue near the Historic Glendale area, you will pass Caramba!

It’s difficult to miss the establishment with its bright red, green and white decor. The slogan will capture your attention as well.

My initial intention was to head to a different taco place. However, “Where you don’t peso(pay-so) much,” immediately caught my attention. At first I didn’t understand why they had a currency name as part of their slogan, but after a few repetitions in my head I understood.  I slammed  brakes and turned to Caramba!  Continue reading